Lab Created Diamonds and Their Purchase Value

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Lab created diamonds are those which are man-made and resemble a natural diamond. Since they too are created by combining carbon atoms in a structure, they display similar optical and chemical properties like natural diamonds found deep inside the earth. However, there is wide misconception and debate regarding the value of these diamonds in comparison with the natural diamonds with GIA certification. Below is a discussion on the purchase value of the lab created diamonds.

Should Lab Created-Diamonds Be Assigned a High Value?

This is a question relevant to the current market scenario. It is true that they look very similar to natural diamonds. However, in truth, they are not worth the money you pay for them (this excludes cubic zirconia and diamond simulants).

Remember not to ignore their value completely. An average natural diamond gets a 50% back if you try to sell it after you have purchased it. Besides, diamond prices are always rising. Therefore, you should get a minimum of half the original price (it is usually more) of the diamond when you resell it.

On the other hand, Lab-created diamonds have little or no resale value. If you try to sell them to a jeweler, they may not take them back. On online forums, you may be paid only in small amounts. Hence, it is better to buy lab-created diamonds only if they are being offered on a huge discount.

Plummeting Value

Looking at the technical aspects, it can be said that the value of lab created diamonds will definitely continue to fall. There is currently no cap on the supplies. Further, the economies will make the value decline.

Today’s Value

If someone is looking to buy an engagement ring in the market today, they can save a considerable amount of money if they choose to go with a big lab created a diamond. There would be a considerable difference between its price and that of a natural diamond. However, note that making this purchase is like wasting the money. It would all be spent on something that would not even return a fraction of its price after it is bought and would spend its time on the shelf.

You may be able to find reasons to love the lab created diamonds. However, there is no denying the fact that they are not worth the value that you have to spend for them.

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