Questions to Ask before Proposing to Her

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It is commonly observed that people take more time in preparing for the proposal than in buying the ring. Planning a proposal can be a challenging task if the whole thing remains to be a surprise to your partner. Men usually make many mistakes in planning the proposal, that finally, the whole thing does not go as expected. In the present time, there are many proposal planners available, using which one can plan a proposal of his dreams. Here are some questions, which you should ask yourself if you are planning to have a proposal without any flaws.

Would She like it in Public or in Private?

This is a question for which you need to find the answer, by observing her interests and her behavior with you in public. You need to know if she loves to have the family and friends around her, or if she likes time alone with you better. If she is a person who loves to become the center of attraction in a crowd, you may plan a public proposal. On the other hand, if she is a person who gets embarrassed when getting public attention, a private proposal would be a better option.

Does She Want to Select the Ring?

In many cases, the girl will like to choose the ring along with her partner. This is because many times the man might fail to understand the interests of his partner, and may buy a ring, which she does not like much. She might want you to shop for the ring along with her. It is completely okay to find out her opinion regarding this. However, if you are planning a surprise proposal, you may try to understand her likes in jewelry in different ways.

How to Record the Proposal Moment?

The proposal moment will indeed remain fresh in your mind always. However, you might want to capture the moments on a camera. For this, you might hire a photographer who is an expert in taking candid photographs. Otherwise, you might do this yourself using your cell phone camera. Whatever be the way you choose to do it, plan it so that everything will go well at the exact moment.

Is Permission Necessary?

If your partner is from a traditional family, she might want you to ask permission from her parents first, before you get down on your knees. This is not so common in the present day, but it is good to know and understand her view on this before you go forward with the proposal planning.

Use these hints to have a dream proposal moment with your partner.

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