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Few purchases in a lifetime approach a diamond engagement ring in significance. This is one thing everyone wants a chance to do right, and do well. For that to happen, it is important to have ample education in a number of aspects surrounding diamonds. This is to make sure you buy something truly beautiful, as well as worthy of your future bride.

A well rounded education is exactly what we aim to provide through our informative posts featuring tips and insights. Not only would a deeper understanding of diamonds and the diamond industry make you less vulnerable to fraud, it would also guide your purchase decisions down smarter paths. We know how stressful a visit to the jeweler can sometimes be, the only way to think straight when you are in there is of you profoundly understand what makes any diamond special.

There are 4 C’s that decide the value of any diamond: its color, cut, clarity, and carat. Knowing these is usually enough to tell if a stone you are looking at is worth something on the market, but when it comes to beauty, there are several other factors to consider. For instance, the stone setting type determines how much of the diamond stays exposes, and is able to admit and emit light. A more revealing setting would obscure very little of the gem’s beauty, but would place it more directly in harm’s way. You need to be able to decide the right balance between those two things, and buy accordingly.

The band metal is another factor to watch when buying a diamond ring. As you probably already know, not every diamond is fully colorless; some stones have hues of yellow, blue, or another color in them. A light yellow diamond would look much better when mounted on a white gold band, while for a light blue diamond, you would be better off picking the classic yellow gold band. Here, the aesthetics of the design matter, and our posts can make you notice things which you would have otherwise missed. The cut of the stone, its carat weight, and a lot of other things figure into the value of what you get. Analyzing each factor clearly is paramount to enduring you do not take a bad deal.