Diamond Cuts: Know The How, Where And What For The Extra Edge

Brilliant Cut Diamond Rings
Brilliant Cut Diamond Rings
Brilliant Cut Diamond Rings

Diamonds are by far one of the rarest stones known to man, formed under the intense heat and pressure exerted within the depths of mother earth itself. The sparkle and shine of these stones stands second to none. But did you know that all that splendour could be lost, by one simple slip up. What is that slip up you may ask? That slip up is called the Cut of the diamond. A lot of the presentation and brilliance that one associates to diamonds clings heavily on how well the diamond is cut.A beautiful cut yields a brilliant diamond ring in the end.

Is Cut Of The Diamond And Shape Of The Diamond The Same Thing?

Plenty of us newbie in the jewellery circuit feel they are one and the same thing. But the cut refers to the shape of the diamond, and the way in which the diamond reflects light. The shape on the other hand refers to the form of the diamond.

The Various Types Of Cut

  • Round brilliant cut
  • Princess cut
  • Oval cut
  • Pear cut
  • Asscher cut
  • Radiant cut
  • Marquise cut
  • Heart shaped cut

Some Popular Terms That One May Come Across While Buying Diamonds:

  • Brilliant cut: This cut is made to ensure that most amount of light returns through its top.
  • Modified brilliant cut: This is same as the previous cut but uses extravagant patterns such as oval, marquise, pear and the expertly cut heart shape.
  • Rose cut: This cut has a flat bottom and domed top. It gets its name from it appearing like a rose bud when faces up. It however pales in brilliance to new generation cut diamonds.
  • Step cut: It gets its name from the steps that run along the sides and at the top. Asscher and emerald cut diamond are examples of this cut. This sort of cut is not very vibrant, and is made so to showcase the quality of the diamond.

Why Does The Cut Of The Diamond Matter So Much?

Cut plays a crucial role in the brilliance, grandeur and the allure of the diamond. You may have noticed how an uncut piece of diamond looks dull, downright like a block of sugar. A badly cut diamond leaks light, making it seem dull, a fate that shouldn’t befall any rock diamond! The diamond must be cut in such a way that the light once entered should be let back out to the perspective of the viewer for maximum fire and scintillation!

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