How Are Lab Grown Diamonds Identified?

GIA Certification
GIA Certification
GIA Certification

As lab-grown diamonds do not have any difference in their appearance from natural diamonds, you cannot differentiate between them with the naked eye. You cannot distinguish between natural and synthetic diamonds even under magnification unless you are an expert in the industry. Gemological experts identify lab-grown diamonds with the help of advanced technology and equipment.

There are some slight differences between natural and lab-grown diamonds that cannot be spotted with the naked eye. These differences help to identify whether a diamond is mined or synthetic. Therefore, through this article, we discuss how lab-created diamonds can be identified.

How Gemological Experts Identify Synthetic Diamonds?

The appearance and physical properties of synthetic diamonds are the same as mined diamonds. But how they are created is greatly different. While natural diamonds take over billions of years to form under the earth over extreme pressure and temperature, lab-grown diamonds are developed over a few weeks. But they are created in a condition that mimics the conditions under the earth that are favorable for the formation of diamonds.

But as natural diamonds develop slowly under the earth, there is a great possibility for other elements to get trapped inside the crystal. Natural diamonds usually have the presence of small amounts of nitrogen. But synthetic diamonds won’t have this additional element. This is one of the key differences that help experts to identify lab-created diamonds.

Another important factor that can be beneficial in differentiating between natural and synthetic diamonds is the presence of inclusions. Even though both types of diamonds come with inclusions, there are slight differences in the inclusions between natural and lab-created diamonds. Gemological experts will be able to identify these differences with the help of specialized tools.

How To Know If Your Diamond Is Lab-Grown?

Knowing whether you are getting synthetic or natural is important, as there is a great price difference between them. You can find out whether a diamond is lab-grown or natural by analyzing its grading report.

Based on the GIA certification, natural and lab-grown diamonds will be given separate certificates that state their origin. These certificates can be a great aid for you to identify between lab-created and mined diamonds.

Additionally, look at the diamond under magnification to find out its unique identification number. If a diamond is lab-grown, the initials of the agency or lab that certified the stone will be usually inscribed on the girdle of the stone along with its unique identification number.

Therefore, make sure to ask for GIA grading reports when getting diamonds to find out whether a diamond is lab-grown or natural.

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