Tips To Know If The GIA Certification Is Fake Or Not

GIA Certification
GIA Certification
GIA Certification

The gold standard for quality diamonds is GIA Certification, but many sellers try to falsify a certificate if they cannot legally get one. This post is intended to inform you and protect you from scammers.

Keep on reading this article to find out tips that will help you to make sure that the GIA certificate you have in your hand is real.

Check The Authenticity

GIA Certificates are made with several security tools, such as security screens, micro-print lines, and holograms; just like most countries print unique identifiers on their currency notes. There are, however, a few problems. One is that most individuals present their certificates online and Photoshopping has plenty of potentials. For example, they could easily crop out a certain portion of the legal GIA certificate and use it in a fake certificate.

Check The Report Number

A report number is associated with each GIA certificate. While people can counterfeit certificates, they cannot counterfeit information from the current database. Just go to the GIA Report Check and enter the certificate report number to see if it is authentic. It sends you a certificate after CAPTCHA, with very specific details.

Check The GIA Colored Diamond Identification And Origin Report

The GIA also offers a second certification report on diamonds. It’s a “half” or “color report only” and, for good reason. The second report focuses only on the origin and grading of diamond colors, in contrast to the first report.

Why Do You Need A GIA Certification?

When investing in the very rare, fancy colored diamond, the full GIA Colored Diamond Grading Report is very much recommended. However, not all diamonds are purchases of impeccable clarity and saturation worth multimillion dollars.

Sometimes diamond enthusiasts want to buy a stone that is less clear, not so much as an investment but as a gift, or just in order to have it. In these cases, it is actually wiser to ask for a ‘half’ certificate as the authenticity of the document will still be checked at a lower cost.

Bottom Line

According to expert jewelers, buying GIA-certified diamonds is always a safe investment. You should verify your diamond’s authenticity before buying it and GIA certification is the best way to do this. In addition, it can help ensure that you are not losing your money.

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