What Are Triple Excellent Diamonds From GIA?

GIA Grading
GIA Grading
GIA Grading

Among the round cut diamonds, a diamond that scores an excellent rating for cut, polish and symmetry are called triple excellent diamonds as per GIA grading and these are often considered the pinnacle of well-cut diamonds. Diamond buyers with a good awareness of cut tend to buy those diamonds that have a GIA certification for triple excellent standards.

Many jewelers use the GIA triple excellent branding to market their diamond inventory and usually charge premium prices for these diamonds. A very common misunderstanding among diamond buyers is that as long as they buy a GIA triple excellent diamond, they can have the most brilliant and well-cut diamond. However, this might be always true.

Truth About Triple Excellent Diamonds

We all know that all diamonds are not made equal. Many of the jewelers and sales staff mislead buyers to close a diamond sale. A diamond with a triple excellent rating in a GIA lab test report does not necessarily mean that the stone has the maximum optical performance, or the best possible cut and visual appeal. This means that two diamonds with 3 excellent ratings can differ much when you look into the details.

However, if you blindly buy a diamond with a triple excellent rating from GIA, you won’t get an ugly diamond. This is because GIA triple excellent certified diamonds will have passed through a visual inspection process for brilliance, scintillation, and fire during the process of grading the diamond. If you wish to have a triple excellent diamond with great light performance and cut, you need to check the degree of light performance and the cut precision of the diamond. Keep in mind that the lab report of the diamond by itself will not let you know anything meaningful while comparing triple excellent diamonds. You need to check:

  • If the stone has barely made into the excellent cut grade.
  • Whether the diamond is cut very well that it perfectly falls into the category of excellent grade.

Shared above are some of the important things that you need to understand about triple excellent GIA certified diamonds. For many of us, buying a diamond is a great financial and emotional investment. Therefore, you need to learn as much as you can about the GIA certification process before buying a diamond to select the one that best suits your interests and budget. If you are planning to buy from online diamond dealers, make sure to select reputable sellers from where you can have the most beautiful and sparkly diamonds within your budget.

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