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For determining a diamond’s resale value, it is important to have a basic knowledge about how such stones are priced. The quality of a diamond is evaluated based on four main criteria and those criteria helps to determine how much a diamond is worth. These criteria include color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. These criteria are graded based on a scale and one of the most popular scale systems, used to grade diamonds is GIA (Gemological Institute of America). Below is a discussion on these important criteria that are used to evaluate diamonds.

The term Clarityis used to refer the visible flaws, which are also known as inclusions, present in the stone. The criterion Color represents whether there are any yellow hues present in the diamond. The yellow hues may reduce the quality of a diamond, as it makes the diamond look tinted as opposed to colorless. If the diamond is more colorless, the higher will be its grade and the value will increase accordingly.

Cut is a term that refers to the shape of a diamond’s facets. It also evaluates their arrangement, as well as their number. For brilliant cuts such as the round cut, the value of the stone will increase. This characteristic evaluates how a certain diamond enhances its light return and brilliance. Higher values will be provided for those diamonds whose measurements allow them to capture and reflect more light. When a diamond can capture more light, the more will be its sparkle, and as a result it will be graded higher on cut. Even though there are good grading systems for the classic round cut, there are no specific guidelines for other cuts.

Caratisa unit of measurement and the way to express the weight of a stone. A carat is equal to 0.2 grams. Bigger diamonds have a higher value per carat compared with smaller ones, as they are rarer.

With GIA grading, you can be sure that the diamond passes all the quality tests conducted by the GIA and have all the required characteristics which a diamond requires. GIA certified diamonds will get good resale value as they have all the necessary qualities set by GIA. This grading acts as a proof of quality and helps you to get maximum value for your diamonds.

When buying diamonds, make sure to buy GIA certified diamonds, as it will give you assurance of quality. GIA certified diamonds can also help you make sure that you will get maximum resale value for your diamonds.

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