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People at all times have loved gold engagement rings. Gold is a metal that is being used for more than 6000 years. It was the Egyptians and the Sumerians who started using gold for making ornate pieces. In the present day, various designs and patterns of gold engagement rings are very commonly used. There are different variants of gold engagement rings like the yellow and rose gold engagement rings. Pink and white gold engagement rings are also other types of gold rings available in the jewelry shops.

Undoubtedly, gold engagement rings are so beautiful, which makes them lovable. In addition to that, the gold engagement rings have high durability and are affordable.

How Does Gold Get Its Color

The color of gold is because of its atomic structure and the movement of electrons within it. This makes the light to be reflected selectively. Only the red and yellow wavelengths of the spectrum are reflected and it gives the tint of what is known as a golden color. The purest form of gold is so soft and hence, is not used for making engagement rings. First, it will be made hard and durable by mixing it with copper, zinc or silver after which the alloy can be used to make engagement rings. This alloying not only gives strength to the metal but also affects the color.

Types Of Gold Engagement Rings

There are several kinds of gold engagement rings which are commonly used by people. This includes rose gold, white gold and pink gold engagement rings.

White gold will be the proper choice for one who loves white metal engagement rings. For making this, pure gold will be mixed with nickel, zinc or palladiums, which are white metals. Mostly, white gold will be coated with rhodium to prevent it from getting scratches. It will also increase the shine of the ring.

Mixing gold with silver and copper makes Rose gold. The jewelers usually experiment with the alloys until they get the perfect looking one.

In diamond engagement rings, the diamond is the center of attraction. But the mounting has a crucial role in determining the overall beauty of the diamond ring. The metal used and the diamond should agree with each other in terms of color, size, etc. Only then will the diamond ring be an ideal one. 

The diamonds have color grades ranging from D to Z. A colorless diamond will be of D scale and a light yellow or brown diamond will be of the Z color scale. While choosing your gold engagement ring, the color of the gold and the color of the diamond should be complementing each other.

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