What Are Antique Diamond Rings?

Antique Diamond Ring
Antique Diamond Ring
Antique Diamond Ring

Getting a stone that glitters and makes passersby look twice is the goal of every beautiful diamond ring out there. For a bride, it is a fairy-tale that has jumped out of the pages- her man slipping a large, imposing, antique diamond ring onto the ring finger-The ring that will stay for a lifetime. The ring that she will be glancing and thinking about her man.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to show off the ring on social media to all her friends, family and others?

For a bride to be, an antique emerald cut diamond ring is a much better choice than a regular diamond ring. But what exactly is an antique cut diamond ring?

Antique Cut Diamond Ring

This was a cut that was used by diamond cutter several centuries ago and is not common as of today. These diamond cutters would hand cut the diamonds and make them into a variety of shapes and dimensions, which shows the character and the essence of the period in which they belonged. The diamonds that are cut using this method are less fiery and brilliant as there are new age counterparts. However, on the other hand they possess a romantic glow which is warm. These diamond, for example, those that are found on the rose cut diamond ring are starting to become desirable nowadays.

Why Would You Take An Antique Cut Over A Typical Cut?

If your wallet is expandable then such a cut is perfect for you. These diamonds are called “old miner cuts.” They are not as popular as their modern counterparts owing to the lack of brilliance and precision in the cut. However, the look and feel of the cut diamond is what has caught the eye of several diamond buyers. Something about the diamond cut translates to old and timeless- two things that every bride wants to relate to in her marriage.

The Final Word

If you want something that is unique compared to today’s modern age, then this is a perfect addition to your union. Do take the time to go through the various intricacies of the diamond that give it its classic, rustic look that you don’t see so often. You can ask for the assistance of the gemmologist in the store to select the diamond.

A diamond is a very personal affair for many. At the end of the day, all that really matters is if you like the feel and look of the diamond…

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