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Argyle diamonds are among the rarest diamonds available. They are found exclusively in the Argyle mine in Western Australia. Some of these diamonds are pink and extremely rare. They have a unique composition. This is credited to the presence of a volcanic pipe composed of olivine lamproite. As a result of the eruption, they interacted with kaolinite, mica, zeolite, and clay. Note that the reason for their color is due to their structural defects in the crystal lattice, although they contain nitrogen impurities in small amounts. Below is a discussion on the features of this type of diamond as in GIA certified diamonds.

Argyle Diamond Intensity Levels

The 4Cs are applicable to the argyle diamonds like any other diamonds. The pink color displayed by the diamonds is further categorized into 4: P (Pink), PC (Pink Champagne), PP (Purplish Pink), and Pink Rosé (PR). They are also divided based on the color intensities from 1 which is the highest to 9. There are Argyle pink diamonds found in the mine which offer an excellent attraction, while the red diamonds are the rarest in Argyle diamonds.

Argyle Diamond Rarity and Prices

The Argyle mine is responsible for more than 90% of the pink diamonds in the world. Within the mine, one out of every two and a half million tons of ore has a pink diamond. in recent years, there has been a steady drop in the Argyle pink diamond production

It is true that the Argyle diamonds have a special color about them. However, it is the value of these diamonds that makes them costlier than the pink diamonds. In Fancy Color Diamonds, the color becomes one of the most important factors determining the cost. Out of all the diamonds available, the pink color is the rarest and the most popular.

Apart from the above factors, the purity of the color is an important factor of the Argyles diamond. It has been found that most diamonds have at least one secondary color. Hence, pure Argyle Diamonds are considered valuable and extremely rare. As a result, the cost of the stone increases with the strength of the color.

Considering the costs of regular pink diamonds, Argyle pink diamonds would definitely cost high. If you are looking for the best looking pink diamond, then a non-branded pink is advisable. If you are interested in using it as an heirloom or as an investment, Argyle can be the best option.

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