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Colorless sparkling diamonds are the most popular options in the engagement ring field. In fact, some buyers will not be even aware of the existence of colored diamonds. Note that only one out of every 10000 diamonds mined is color. Even white diamond tends to exhibit yellow or brown color tints based on its clarity and color grade. Needless to mention, colorless and flawless diamonds will be so rare and astronomically expensive. So, people usually settle for colorless diamonds that are visually flawless and colorless.

If you are not much into the mesmerizing world of colorless diamonds, eye-catching fancy colored diamondengagement rings are likely to amaze you. Some of the popular colored diamonds that are sure to take your breath away include pink, red, blue, black, yellow, green, etc.

When compared to colorless diamonds, natural colored diamonds are incredibly rare and hence, will be relatively more expensive. It is to be noted that the price of a regular one ct diamond will be way cheaper than its colored diamond counterpart. However, the cost of the latter tends to vary depending on its color intensity. The more the color intensity of a gemstone; the higher will be its price.

Grading fancy colored diamonds

Usually, white diamonds are coveted for their colorless and flawless appeal and are graded based on the same. When it comes to colored diamonds, they are valued using different metrics and methods. In fact, this grading method is almost similar to that of grading other gemstones. When it comes to the Gemological Institute of America, colored diamonds are graded based on its color intensity or strength ranging from faint to fancy vivid.

Besides, grading fancy colored diamonds is much complicated when compared to white diamonds and hence, can be supervised only be highly skilled graders. On a related note, every diamond does not boast the same saturation or color depth. For instance, while yellow diamonds tend to boast a wide range of saturation, alluring blue-colored diamonds do not.

When it comes to diamonds, the main factor that affects its value is its rarity; let alone the case of fancy colored diamonds. Unlike colorless diamonds, colored diamonds are valued for their opaque appeal. Hence, you will not have to consider the clarity factor when choosing your fancy colored proposal rings.

If you are wondering about purchasing a coloredfull carat diamond at an affordable price, brown diamonds will be one of the best options. These diamonds are popularly known as champagne, cognac, or chocolate diamonds.

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