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Choosing the right diamond engagement ring for your significant other will never be a cakewalk or easy affair. After all, you would want to choose the most unique and attractive bling for your sweetheart; something that reflects your amazing relationship. For this, you will have to take multiple factors into account such as their lifestyle, interests, personality, career, hobbies, and whatnot.

Furthermore, you are most likely to get overwhelmed with the range of diamond engagement ring designs available in the market. If you are also going through such a brainstorming phase, it is recommended to check out the mesmerizing and outstanding bypass diamond engagement rings. Are you hearing the name for the first time? In most cases, you will be. However, bypass diamond rings are not a new concept or design. Rather, these sparklers are in the field at least since the early 18th century. 

Note that traditional bypass diamond rings tend to fit the finger of a person comfortably but the shanks or the end of the bands just bypass each other rather than getting united when it reaches the center stone. Hence, it got the name. Do you want to know more about this spectacular diamond engagement ring design? If yes, refer to the points given below. You can also have more helpful resources here.

Bypass diamond engagement rings

As mentioned earlier, traditional bypass diamond rings tend to boast a design in which the band of the ring diverts away from the main gemstone rather than getting united. While these were raging designs in the field in the olden times, it lost its glory a few decades back. Still, this is one of the perfect bet if you are looking for an outstanding and ravishing diamond ring design. On top of that, bypass diamond rings are gaining popularity recently. The main reason for this is the infinite possibilities of customizing the design.

While you can see some bypass diamond ring designs highlighted by paving diamonds on the bypassing shank, some designs will be kept simple by encrusting just two larger diamonds at the ends of the shank. With so much room for customization, anyone can hardly ignore this setting. In other words, you will definitely get that perfect diamond engagement ring that can easily stand the test of time even though you will have to choose the bypass diamond ring design from a pool of options.

Furthermore, purchase only GIA certified diamonds to mount in a bypass setting since the gemstone will be prominent in this case and you will have to choose something moderate or big. Needless to mention, spending millions of dollars on non-certified diamonds will be a foolish choice. GIA grading agency is one of the best options to consider in this case.

Helpful tips to purchase bypass diamond engagement rings

Even though any bypass diamond ring design is sure to entice your partner, choosing the right option can be a bit daunting in this case as well. After all, you are choosing the gift of a lifetime for your future wife and this eternal connotation ought to be special and romantic. In order to help you out with this, below is a list of some of the best bypass diamond engagement ring designs. It is recommended to go through these options before jumping into a conclusion; you never know; you might find the ring of your dreams in the list.

Modern bypass solitaire diamond engagement ring

Does your sweetie prefer showing off her atypical persona? If yes, you must pick a diamond ring design that reflects the same as well to sweep her off her feet. Note that the modern bypass solitaire diamond engagement ring design will be just the right choice for you in this case. In this design, a prong-set solitaire of decent carat weight is highlighted with a plain bypass shank of noteworthy thickness. Note that the whole setting is done in rose gold making the design an epitome of romance and elegance.

Tapered halo bypass diamond engagement ring

In this bypass diamond ring design, the shanks of the ring tend to meet with each other. The magnificent center diamond is also highlighted paving melee diamonds all over the bypassing shank. This will create a partial halo effect sprucing up the overall bling factor of your diamond engagement ring.  Additionally, the edges of the shanks are tapered to give a sleek and stylish appeal to the white gold diamond ring. This will be a perfect choice for all the women who love nothing but glitter. However, this is not a wise choice if your girl tends to constantly indulge in hands-on activities.

Open twist bypass diamond engagement ring

Does your significant other tends to steer away from traditional diamond ring designs or is gravitated towards sleek and sophisticated designs? If yes, the open twist bypass diamond ring design will be just perfect for her. In this design, the band of the ring is accentuated with an open twist pattern mimicking an infinity design.

Undoubtedly,this design will satisfy your outstanding requirements while reflecting its true connotation, which is everlasting or eternal love. Additionally, the bypass shank setting of the yellow gold diamond ring tends to create a halo around the main gemstone by featuring a significant amount of tiny diamonds. The sparkle of the bauble is further enhanced by paving melee diamond all over the band making it a twinkling spectacle.

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