3 Reasons to Buy a Diamond with Serial Number Inscribed onto it

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If you were shopping for diamonds for the first time, the myriads of diamond and jewelry details you come across could make the decision making overwhelming. You will come across the 4 C’s, namely carat weight, color, cut and clarity, and how these characteristics of a diamond affect its quality as well as price. In learning these terms, a customer who is new to diamonds or diamond jewelry shopping may overlook selecting one with its security features.

Which Diamonds Have Serial Number?

Not all diamonds have a serial number. In the United States of America, only diamonds graded by the GIA carry an inscribed serial number. It is inscribed onto the diamond’s girdle, usually, as part of the GIA certification process. It will match the number mentioned in the diamond’s GIA grading report. In other nations, there are similar organizations that grade and certify diamonds.

Several jewelers with reputation sell only diamonds that are graded by the GIA. They are graded as “loose diamonds”, not after being set in a jewelry piece, though. So jewelers, who offer loose diamonds and settings separately, typically have certified diamonds, although one may also find certified stones that have been set in a piece of jewelry like an engagement ring. Therefore, if a diamond featuring the serial number is important to you, then you should ask to see its certificate prior to making a purchase.

Why Diamond Serial Number is Important

Since a diamond or diamond jewelry is often a big investment in life, it is a wise idea to buy a certified one as one way to protect your investment. If you choose to do so, there are 3 main benefits to that.

  • The diamond certificate, whether one issued by the GIA or a similar institute, authenticates its details. The certificate gives more details about its cut, carat, color, and clarity. Thanks to the diamond certificate, buyers can be certain that what they are informed by an advertisement or a jeweler is true.
  • The diamond certificate will also be listed in the buyer’s name once the purchase is made. This can also help buyers recover their diamond if the stone is lost as the matching serial number is inscribed onto it.
  • If you opt to sell your diamond, then you will also be able to get a better price from the buyer since its details are certified by a globally recognized gemological institution.

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