5 Most Common Scams And Tricks That Diamond Jewelers Use

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In the diamond market there are high chances for the unethical jewelers to deceive the customers using tricks and scams. It is very common because the diamond customers usually do not have much knowledge about diamonds and the related things. Since there are so many jewelers who take advantage of the ignorance of the customers, it is very necessary to have a basic knowledge about the purchase before you confirm your purchase. Also it is very important to know about the common tricks and scams those corrupt diamond dealers use to deceive the customers.

Here are some of the scams and tricks which are given for your understanding and precaution so that you can escape them while making your diamond purchase.

Uncertified Diamonds

Before you buy your diamond, you have to make sure that you are buying a diamond certified by a reputed third party gemological institute (like GIA). If the jeweler is forcing a diamond on you for a cheap price but without a trustworthy diamond certificate, understand that the diamond will not be a true quality product.

Usually those diamonds which are of low quality and cut grade won’t be send to laboratories like GIA because they will for sure reject such stones. Hence such useless diamonds will be put for sale by the tricky diamond sellers for a cheap price. It is easy for them to cheat a customer who is ignorant of the importance of certification of diamonds.

Sham Certificate

Another common trick that the sales people use is telling that it is the diamond which is valuable and not the paper. They would make the customer believe that the paper describing the diamond is not necessary since the value is only for the diamond. In this way they sell the inferior products at high prices. It is very easy to attract people by keeping low quality stones at a heavy discount price. They may sometimes also present you with some certificate from unknown sources with a word that it is as good as the report from GIA or any other reputed laboratories.

Pricing Scams

Yet another trick used by the diamond jewelers is the pricing deception. They keep their own price on the price tags, which will be an artificially inflated price. They later put the diamonds for sale at a huge discount and people flock to them seeing the discount rate. The customer will however end up in paying extra for the diamonds.

Be aware of these and many other scams so that you can have a trusted diamond purchase.

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