All You Want To Know About GIA Diamond Laser Inscription

GIA Diamond Verification
GIA Diamond Verification
GIA Diamond Verification

GIA-certified diamonds are verified with help of laser inscriptions that are found on the edges of the stone you purchase. It is in the form of microscopic laser engravings on the outer girdle of a diamond. It help buyers to link the stone to its GIA diamond grading report, and this is done by entering the number on the GIA website. Such a system ensures that the GIA certified diamonds that you buy are genuine and prevents incidences of fraud. Read on to know more about the GIA laser inscription on diamonds.

The Location Of GIA Diamond Verification Laser Inscription

The GIA laser inscription can be found on the girdle of GIA certified diamonds. It is the thin strip that separates the upper crown facets and lower section facets of a diamond. Moreover, its shape determines the shape of the stone. The verification number is usually applied to the polished, bruited, or faceted girdle. Besides, it is invisible to the naked eye; for the untrained eye, it is difficult to see even under ten times magnification.

As a diamond buyer, the presence of the GIA laser inscription gives you great confidence in the authenticity of your purchase. Besides, diamond retailers can use it as a USP as many laboratories do not laser engrave diamonds. Furthermore, the number in the laser engraving is the one used by GIA to store the details of the stone in their online archive. The electronic copy of the diamond grading report for the customer is based on the archived details.

The Usefulness Of GIA Laser Inscription

The GIA diamond laser inscription is extremely useful for those handling large volumes of low carat weight diamonds like jewelry retailers, diamond merchants, and manufacturers. Most retailers source a wide assortment of almost similar diamonds to exhibit before sales. Because of the slight difference in their qualities, these stones are easily confused by an untrained eye. So, the presence of the verification number provides a system to check its quality.

The Issue Of GIA Laser Inscription

The main issue with the GIA laser inscription of diamond verification number is its extremely small size; this makes it difficult to be deciphered by an untrained eye. This is especially true for buyers as they do not have specialized equipment for reading it. However, this is unavoidable as it is the only way to discreetly incorporate the laser inscription into the girdle of the diamond without affecting its beauty. The best way to read it is at 20 times magnification.

We hope that the aforementioned details clarified your doubts about the GIA diamond verification laser inscription.

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