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People have a belief that they are supposed to buy only those diamonds with a certification. However, the real difference between the certified and non-certified diamonds is still not understood properly. Below is a discussion on the difference between certified and non-certified diamonds.

Certified Vs. Non-Certified Diamonds

Certified diamonds are those that have been approved by an independent certifying authority. This is done by issuing a unique identification number as well as a certificate. Further, some diamonds are subjected to laser inscription, and the ID number is cast on to the diamond.

Non-certified diamonds, on the other hand, are those, which have not undergone a certification process by any authority. In this case, the retailer only has speculations regarding the diamond’s quality. If they share the details of the diamond such as clarity, color, or carat weight, they are only revealing the best guess.

Certified diamonds might not be intrinsically better than the non-certified stones. However, they are usually found to be of better quality as they are chosen for the documented quality. In the majority of cases, the certified diamonds are natural which are not subject to any artificial treatment.

Certifying Authorities

There are several certifying authorities but some of the most reliable ones are the EGL USA and Gemological Institute of America (GIA). GIA is the most widely accepted authority, with its high standards.

Benefits of Picking up Certified Diamonds

If you select GIA Certified Diamonds, the best thing is that you remove any room for guesses. By seeing the diamond’s certificate, you can be at peace about the quality of the diamond. This might not be present if you buy a diamond without GIA Certification.

Moreover, by shopping for certified diamonds, you will become better informed about the diamonds and their qualities. You will begin to various criteria applicable to the diamonds while considering their quality. Hence, when you see a grading report, you will naturally check the diamond to see if the qualities are actually present. You will learn the basics of clarity and color.

Buying a Non-Certified Diamond

If you are looking to buy small stones or accent stones, you could consider buying non-certified diamonds. It is extremely difficult to notice the characteristics of the small diamonds with naked eyes. However, note that GIA has special testing processes that examine small stones by mounting them. In these special tests conducted for diamonds, it is possible to find whether the.2 carat diamonds are natural or artificially treated.

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