Clearing The Air About The GIA Certification

GIA Certification
GIA Certification
GIA Certification

If you find yourself in a jewelry store shopping for a diamond ring, whatever be the occasion; you will surely have come across the phrase GIA certification or GIA certified diamonds. What is a GIA certified diamond? And how to get diamond certified by GIA? Continue reading to get your answers to the above-asked questions and much more.

What Is A GIA Diamond?

The diamond which has passed through a series of quality testing processes set by the GIA is popularly called a GIA Diamond. That leads us to your next question; what is GIA? It is a non-profit organization that works independently in conducting extensive research on gemstones. Their findings are then passed on to the professionals in the field. End of the day, this organization sets the standards upon which the quality of a diamond is determined. You might have heard about the 4C’s of determining the quality of a diamond which is; color, clarity, cut and carat.

Are All Diamonds GIA Diamonds?

Although it may seem like all of the diamonds available in the market are GIA diamonds, it does not have to be that way always. Double-check with your jeweler and if you are still not convinced, ask for a grading report issued by GIA.

What Is A GIA Certified Diamond?

No diamonds are GIA certified because GIA doesn’t certify a diamond, it only grades these diamonds based on 4C’s. Thus, GIA Diamonds or GIA Certified Diamonds are merely industry referrals to diamonds that have cleared the grading norms set by GIA.

How Does A Diamond Get GIA Certified?

As mentioned earlier, GIA doesn’t certify it only grades a diamond. To get the GIA certification, a diamond has to be dropped off at the GIA laboratory. There are nine such labs spread across the world’s prominent gem capitals.

Are GIA Certified diamonds costlier?

This is just an absurd notion that is spread in the industry. There is absolutely no logic in this. The cost of the diamond entirely depends on its quality. GIA has nothing to do with the cost. All GIA is responsible for, is to ensure that the ones graded by them are of the highest quality. The carat weight, cut, color and the clarity of the stone which you laid your eyes on, is the only cost-deciding factors.

Let the ring you have selected be of good quality. Therefore, get a grading report!

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