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There are few things more rewarding than choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring for your romantic partner. This typically entails finding one that perfectly signifies your love for each other, while still bowing to your girlfriend’s unique style and personality. To render the piece even more personalized, it is recommended to get a special message inscribed on the diamond set on it.

How the Laser Inscribing Process Works

A message is inscribed onto the diamond’s girdle with a precise laser beam. The first part entails assessing the stone and finding out the exact just position of the girdle for that. While simple, the process stills takes a skilled worker, and high-end equipment to complete.

Before a skilled worker places the stone in front of the very fine laser beam, they place it upon a small jig that will hold it firmly in place as the laser inscribes something upon the girdle. A diamond’s girdle is one that runs along its circumference. The laser would then focus upon the girdle’s specific part; before inscribing a message onto the stone, the equipment provides the worker with a clear indication of where the specific wording should go, in relation to the GIA certification number.

What You Have to Consider As a Customer

When you have selected the unique stone, ask your jeweler to inscribe a personalized message upon its girdle. Ensure to verify your message’s spelling before passing it in for laser inscription. You also have to make sure a GIA grading report number is inscribed on the stone, and that it matches the certificate.

It is also important to take into account the font size and length of your message before having it inscribed on your diamond – the stone’s size should be kept in consideration. Keep in mind that the GIA grading lab will have inscribed the report number upon the stone. Nonetheless, there will be enough space upon the girdle to inscribe your message. It is suggested that you keep that short and sweet. It is also recommended that you have the service done through a reputable agency in order to make sure the stone is safe.

Why Are Diamonds Inscribed with the Laboratory Grading Report Number?

Usually, a diamond comes with an inscription of the report number. It is a unique set of digits used for record keeping purpose. Most GIA laboratories keep the information in their database just in case people misplace their grading report and require a replacement. More significantly, it also lets people verify it via the website of the concerned GIA lab. The GIA site will would people a digital copy of the diamond grading certificate. For many customers, trust plays an extremely vital role in the diamond purchase. The grading report number will provide them with the reassurance they need, particularly after they are able to connect the stone to the number upon the GIA database.

What Does a GIA Grading Report Contain?

The GIA certification includes an assessment of a diamond’s four characteristics, namely cut, clarity, carat weight, and color, alongside a diagram of its clarity aspects as well as graphic representation of its proportions. For round brilliant diamonds that fall in the D to Z color range, it also comprises a cut grade. GIA grading reports are not issued for synthetic diamonds, diamond stimulants, or those to have undergone unstable treatment, like coating or fracture filling. While the report may be issued also for a diamond that has been HPHT processed or laser drilled, it will specify that the stone has been treated.

How to Check Whether a Diamond is Inscribed?

The report number upon the diamond’s girdle is not possible to see with your eyes. Therefore, the ideal way to verify whether your diamond is laser inscribed is to take the stone to a retailer or jeweler, who will have an inscription viewing tool to check for this. The 10X magnification loupe will give customers the chance to view the grading report number upon the stone’s circumference. When seen, it has a three-dimensional appearance.

How Diamond Inscriptions Helps?

High-quality inscriptions will not alter the color or clarity of a diamond. Each diamond is unique and contains special characteristics. However, lengthy diamond testing, grading, as well as inspection is required to notice the small differences that identify it as unique. To this end, the laser inscription process has been developed. If your diamond falls from your engagement ring setting, for instance, it can be identified also with the help of the loupe. While some people use it to personalize their diamond, it can also be used as a form of branding by retailers or manufacturers. The beauty of the inscription lies in its discreet and indelible presence, which does not detract from the stone’s beauty and value.

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