Focusing Solely on the Grading Report for Diamonds

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Diamond Certification Facts

Certification is one of the most important aspects that you must consider while choosing diamond jewelry pieces. This is the best way for a buyer to ensure that the diamonds that you choose actually exhibits all the qualities that it claims to have. Plus, you can be sure that your gemstones are conflict free and genuine by choosing the certified ones. However, is it a good decision to buy diamonds only on the basis of a grading report? In order to figure this out, you may go through the following details regarding certified diamonds.

Diamond Certificate

Most people out there will not be familiar with the concept of diamond certificate. In fact, some diamond buyers have a misconception that these certificates are some sort of guarantee cards. Note that the basic gemological properties of a diamond are documented in its grading report after getting the stone evaluated by an expert gemologist. It usually entails the details such as the cut, color, carat weight, and clarity of diamonds. Furthermore, it is recommended to choose AGS or GIA certified diamonds since they are the most credible agencies in the United States that certify diamonds. Still, being GIA approved diamonds must not be the only quality that you must look for while choosing your sparklers.

Focusing Solely on the Diamond Grading Report

As mentioned, a diamond certificate entails only the details regarding its basic characteristics. You cannot envision the visual appeal of your gemstones with this. That is, even if you choose two diamonds with the same type of certificate grading, its appeal can be entirely different from each other. This is because of the impact of many other external factors such as the crown angle, crown height, depth, star length, table, pavilion depth, pavilion angle, etc.

Another drawback, in this case, is when it comes to fancy shaped diamonds. Note that the grading report for this type of diamonds includes lesser details regarding their properties when compared to the standard diamond shapes. In addition, the imperfection like the bow tie effect will not be included in diamond certificates.

Similarly, you cannot envision the exact shape of your diamonds by means of a diamond certificate. That is, an oval diamond can be elongated, wide, round, etc., based on its LTW, which will not be included in the grading report. Hence, it is always better to take a close look of your diamonds through a magnifier or a loupe prior to making the purchase rather than blindly trusting the diamond certificates alone.

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