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One of the most prominent questions you may encounter on your diamond ring shopping will be whether or not to choose certified diamonds. The main reason for this question being a significant one is that many diamond retailers still suggest their customers to purchase uncertified diamonds in order to cut down the expenses. Some of the frequently asked questions about certified gemstones include its definition, use, and the difference between certified, uncertified, and self-certified diamonds. If you are wondering about these things, refer to the detailed explanation given below.

What are certified Diamonds?

The term certified refers to anything authentic, genuine, or real. In other words, it is a guarantee that an object actually flaunts the qualities that it claims. As far as diamonds are concerned, certified diamonds refer to the gemstones that are 100% natural. In addition, such diamonds ensure to meet the quality standards, especially when it comes to important characteristics such as the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight.

What is a Diamond Certificate?

A diamond certificate is a piece of paper that documents the unique characteristics of a diamond. Obviously, every consumer will not be an expert and hence, will not be able to assess the quality of a diamond with their naked eyes or even with a diamond loupe. In that case, diamond certificate or diamond grading report will be your savior. It ensures that your diamond is worth what you pay. Furthermore, a credible diamond certificate is indispensable for appraising and insuring your diamonds in the future.

What are the differences between Certified, Uncertified, and Self-Certified Diamonds?

Certified diamonds are your way to go if you are concerned about the quality of your diamonds, since it ensures that your diamond is worth every penny you pay. However, make sure that the diamonds are verified by a reliable third party agency such as GIA. Note that GIA approved diamonds are known for their supreme quality and credibility. When it comes to uncertified diamonds, you cannot ensure its quality. The same thing is applicable to self-certified diamonds as well. Here, the gemstones are verified by in-house employees and the chances for them to document a biased report are more. Hence, professionals recommend buying diamonds with GIA grading or any other grading of similar standards.

What are Certified Enhanced Diamonds?

Enhanced diamonds are actually poor quality stones that are treated or processed in order to lift up its quality standards. Even though most diamond certifying agencies refuse to assess enhanced diamonds, some labs certify such gemstones. Rather than the quality, the treatment method of enhanced diamonds will be documented in the respective diamond certificate.

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