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Diamond being the strongest metal on the planet, is not just used as a jewelry piece. It is also used for several industrial and operational purposes. Industrial grade diamonds are used in more specialized applications like grinding wheels, saw blades etc.

Diamonds are used in high-performance, low-friction bearings in very small mechanical devices for their resistance to abrasion. Many kinds of stones could otherwise be used in such processes. Let us find some of the uses of diamonds other than being used in the jewelry market.

  • Cutting Glass metals– The durability of this stone is the reason for this usage. It is even possible to cut a diamond with another diamond stone. A small part of diamond can be used for making a cut in large diamond pieces. Only small pieces of diamonds are used for cutting large glasses.
  • Polishing other stones – The diamond dust can be used for polishing other diamonds and precious stones. The dust of the diamond provides an enhanced shine on the other stones.
  • Engraving – Diamonds are durable and will not break or make scratch to the metal. Hence using them for engraving is quite sensible. We could use engraving of stones made of granite, quartz, and other tough materials.
  • Electric applications – Diamonds can be used in various electronic applications to prevent the tender parts from getting impaired from the heat rays of the sun. The diamonds are used as heat sinks in such electronic applications for cancelling the heat of the sun.
  • Lapping -Diamond slurry is used in the process of lapping. It is formed by mixing water with a mixture that contains small pieces of diamonds. The diamond slurry is then applied between the two materials that need to be lapped and rubbed to determine the progress.
  • Diamond windows – They are made from very thin membranes of diamond. They are applied in x ray machines, lasers, etc. Diamond membranes are durable, resistant to heat, and transparent. Tiny pieces of diamond are embedded into grinding wheels, saw blades, or drill bits when used as an abrasive.

Whether diamonds are used in jewelry or industrial purposes, it is highlighted to be the strongest most durable metal in the world. Therefore the uses of such a stone could be enormous, and could not be limited to just a show piece. 

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