How to Prevent Diamond Switching Scams?

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Diamonds are an important part of our life as it is used in engagement rings that mark an important event of a person’s life. However, several hidden traps are waiting to snatch them away from you. Diamond switching scams are one among them and it usually happens when you take a diamond to a retailer for the routine maintenance or cleaning checks. There are several things you can do to prevent this from happening. Read on to understand more about diamonds switching scams and how to prevent them using GIA Certification.

When Diamond Switching Happens

In a majority of cases, diamond switching happens when you leave the Diamond with an unethical salesperson without taking necessary precautions. No value Diamond can be switched in very little time. In fact, it takes a lesser duration to switch the diamond and to clean it. People usually swap it for Cubic Zirconia of high-quality. These resemble diamonds in many aspects so they are ideal for this purpose. Besides, they cannot be detected using naked eyes that are not trained.

Most of the scams are carried out with such perfection that they are impossible to detect until several months later. By then it would be impossible to make any accusations. Note that you will not have a chance to make a claim against the jeweler once you walk out of the store without checking it properly.

The Classic Bait And Switch Scam

The bait-and-switch scam is one of the most common among jewelers. In this, the jeweler would initially show you a beautiful diamond. Once you are impressed with it they would take the ring and switch it with a lower-quality diamond. It would be impossible to even recognize the change. It is easy to switch a loose diamond in its setting. Sometimes, jewelers will request you to leave your rings with them for a long period making it easier for them to switch. It is advisable to find a trustworthy jeweler to buy your diamond from.

Majority of Jewelers are Not Looking for your Stone

Most jewelers are trustworthy. Besides, it is too risky to spoil their reputation for a matter of a few thousand dollars. A mistake does occur sometimes. For instance, there might be a mix up when a diamond is brought in for repair for an adjustment in the settings. It is advisable to ask them for a proper plot of the diamond. This includes mapping out the locations of inclusions of the diamond on a piece of paper. Both the jeweler and you will have a copy each of the same.

 Later when you visit to retrieve your diamond, you can ensure that your map and that of the jeweler is the same. Furthermore, if the diamond is a graded stone or has a laser inscription, it is much easier to identify it.

Things to Look Out for When Buying from a Physical Store

You know that it is easy to know the jewelers’ reputation nowadays from the internet. You can use the same to understand more about the jeweler and the way they deal with customers. This should also be able to provide you the details of grading report. They are also expected to have equipment which will help to verify the authenticity of a diamond. In case they refused to do this, it certainly raises doubts. It is also recommended not to indulge in any business without written guarantees. This is because tracking cash payments is very difficult without proper proof.

Understanding Your Diamond Helps Greatly

Inclusions act like fingerprints, as diamonds are unique. Remember that appraisers take many hours to grade a diamond. This underlines the fact that each diamond is unique. When you have to leave your diamond with a jeweler, make sure that you check it thoroughly while retrieving it. You could observe it through the loupe before taking it back. If they refuse this, it certainly raises doubts.

Make it a point to note down the unique features of your diamond before handing it to them. Later, request them to confirm the details so that they know that you have paid attention to detail. This will warn them against any malpractices.

If the diamond has a laser inscription, use it to the maximum and let the other party know it too. It is a very easy way to identify a diamond. Verify the details one more time before leaving the jewelry after picking up. Make it a point to raise any doubts immediately.

Stay Alert

Considering everything, it is possible to say that diamond switching scams are not very frequent. When it does occur, the victims are usually those customers who did not use their common sense while choosing a jeweler. Besides, when you are spending a huge amount of money, it makes sense that you are very careful about what you buy.

Make sure you pay attention to the above factors while choosing a diamond to prevent any switching scams in diamonds with GIA diamond grading.

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