How to Read a GIA Certificate of Diamonds

GIA Approved Diamonds
GIA Certified Diamonds

The value of a diamond is determined by the characteristics of the same. It is the unique characteristics of a diamond that makes it the best of all. Hence the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), created a global standard to measure the characteristics of a diamond. As per the standard, the clarity, carat weight, cut and color of the diamond is measured. This is known as the 4Cs of diamond grading. Also, the finish, fluorescence and additional comments about the diamond, together with the diagrams showing the proportion of the stone are included in the GIA diamond grading report.

Contents of a GIA Certificate

Even though the GIA certificate is a little complex, it is easy to interpret the contents of the same. Here are the things that are usually seen in a GIA certificate.

  • The unique GIA report number. This is specific for each diamond and can be verified on the GIA website. There is the laser inscribed code on the girdle of the diamond.
  • The shape of the diamond.
  • The length, width, and depth of the diamond.
  • The carat weight of the diamond.
  • The color of the diamond.
  • The clarity of the diamond.
  • The report of the cut grade.
  • The symmetry value of the diamond.
  • Fluorescence of the diamond.
  • The quality description of the diamond’s polish.
  • The depth and table percentages of the diamond.
  • The report of the culet.
  • The appearance of the girdle.
  • A diagram depicting the clarity characteristics of the diamond.

Benefit of Having the GIA Certificate

The GIA certificate will be the source to ensure the quality of the diamond and one can easily determine the value of the same through the details given in the certificate. The GIA certificate of the diamond can leave both the seller and the buyer at peace because the grading is done by an independent firm which is also recognized and accepted internationally. By having the GIA certificate, one can be sure that he buys a natural diamond and not a synthetic one.

Though the details included in the certificate helps a jeweler to determine the price of the diamond, it doesn’t suggest an exact amount. If one has to insure his diamond, he has to make the valuation certificate which will also include the replacement value.

GIA certificate assure the customer an unbiased and accurate grading report of the diamond. Hence it is preferred by almost all. Click to learn more about GIA certification.

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