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Among all the 4Cs of diamond, according to the GIA grading, the cut of the diamond is the most complex. It is the cut of the diamond which you have to consider seriously when you buy a diamond. It is because the sparkle of the diamond depends on the cut grade of the diamond.

Cut Grade And Sparkle

The round brilliant cut diamond is the most popular diamond in the diamond market. For this diamond to sparkle more, the cut grade should be high. The better the cut grade of the diamond, the higher will be the sparkle and more will be the value of the diamond. A well-cut round brilliant diamond can become the center of attraction in a crowd because of the amazing light show that it exhibits. Any compromises in the clarity, color and carat weight of a diamond can be considered as fine if the diamond has a good cut grade.

It took GIA 15 long years to arrive at the cut grading system that they use presently. They studied the performance of light inside a round brilliant diamond for such a long time to understand the factors that can cause the sparkle of the diamond. Presently, GIA has a five-point scale grading system which ranges from excellent to poor.

How The Cut Grade System Works?

The GIA cut grade of a diamond evaluates the face-up appearance, design and the craftsmanship of the diamond. The internal and external lights reflecting from a diamond shows the brightness of the diamond. The scattering of light visible in the form of the rainbow colors is called the fire of the diamond. When the diamond or the light source moves, it creates bright and dark areas because of the reflection of light. This is called scintillation. This overall effect is called the sparkle of the diamond.

The proportions of a diamond can be of help to determine the level of brightness, fire, and scintillation that the diamond will exhibit. But it should be understood that there is no one particular proportion which can be said as ideal for a well-cut diamond.

The design and craftsmanship of the diamond evaluate the quality of the diamond’s manufacture. Poor design and poor craftsmanship can adversely affect the performance of the diamond. The seven components of the diamond, namely its brightness, fire, scintillation, weight ratio, durability, polish, and symmetry, will be evaluated to finally determine the cut grade of the diamond.  

The GIA grading and GIA certification are very important when you go for buying a diamond. The grading report contains all the necessary details that you must know before buying the diamond. The cut grade details given in this certificate must be noted particularly.

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