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When you go for diamond shopping, you may get a variety of options including colorless diamonds to stones with a varied color range. Many of them will be natural diamonds, while some others can be treated or enhanced ones. Hence, it is important for you to know about them for selecting the right stone for you. Therefore, through this article, we explain about natural and enhanced diamonds in detail for helping you to choose the perfect diamond for you.

Natural diamonds

Diamonds are the hardest substance found on the earth’s surface. Natural diamonds are formed from carbon under high temperature and high pressure. It takes almost one to three billions of years for diamonds to form naturally. The diamonds are usually formed between 85 to 125 miles within the mantle of the earth and once formed; they travel to the surface of the earth through streams of molten rock.

As they are formed deep under the earth it is possible for these stones to acquire impurities or inclusions throughout the formation process. These inclusions may result in forming different colors for diamonds, which gives them a unique appearance as well as elegance.

Enhanced diamonds

With reference to diamond terminology, enhanced diamonds are stones that are treated artificially for altering their features to give them a better appearance. Enhanced diamonds will have less value when compared to natural diamonds as they are given their appeal through artificial methods. Therefore, if you decide to buy enhanced diamonds, ask the jeweler about the type of treatments used on the stone and how they will affect the stones’ value.

Another thing you should be concerned about when buying enhanced diamonds is their long term care. Some treatments can cause discoloration of the stones or cracks in the diamonds in the future. Hence, make sure that you get a good diamond that lasts long for the amount you are spending.

Different treatments

Enhanced diamonds are natural diamonds that are undergone specific treatments for improving their features or to hide or remove their flaws.

One of such treatments is laser drilling, a process that is used to remove minor inclusions. This process will create lines that look similar to tiny trails. The laser can dissipate the inclusions and the color can be bleached away by injecting chemicals.

Another treatment called fracture filling is used to close small cracks in the diamonds using a glass-like resin material. The refraction index of this filling will be the same as the diamond; hence, it is impossible to detect the presence of this particular treatment with the naked eye.

How to know the quality of the diamond you are buying?

When buying diamonds, make sure that they have GIA grading. GIA certified diamonds will be made to go through a lot of tests to verify their quality and characteristics. Hence, you can ensure that the diamonds you buy is worth the amount you spend.

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