Should I Consider Buying Fairmined Or Recycled Metal Rings?

GIA Certification
GIA Certification
GIA Certification

The best way to determine a diamond’s quality is by checking its GIA certification. But, is that enough to prove that the ring you are about to buy is the best? For a ring to be the best, all of its components should of the highest quality. The metal that makes up its body is as important as the stone. Most of us are concerned about its type (gold, rosegold, silver, platinum) and value. Gold is one of the costliest jewelry metals. It comes in different qualities- 14K, 18K, and 22K. If you are looking to buy diamond ring made of gold, you should consider buying fairmined or recycled gold which is trending now.

What Is Fairmined Gold?

Fairmined gold is obtained from small-scale mines that were controlled or exploited by big miners before. A new set of standards is followed in fairmined mines which give preference to its workers and the environment. Their mining activities have a very less effect on the planet and these mines does not exploit their employees. A third-party oversees the mining practices and ensures that the mines follow the fairmined standard rules.

The program provides a fair amount of money to the small mining communities, helping them to flourish. According to Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM), fairmined standards have helped the mining community of Peru and other countries.

Small-scale mining communities have around 20 million people in the world and their traditional methods of mining were not only dangerous to them but also the environment. The use of mercury and other metals to mine is popular among these groups as they were not educated about how it affects the soil and rivers.

Fairmined gold is different from recycled gold in appearance as it has color variation.

What Is Recycled Gold?

It is hard to recycle plastics, cardboards and other materials. However, the same cannot be said about gold, which is more valuable. Moreover, the recycling of gold involves a simple process of melting. Despite the negativity around recycling, customers prefer recycling gold since it is economical and does not involve mining. The benefits of recycled gold make it the first choice of environmentalists and other common people concerned about mining.

Recycling gold does impact the surroundings as refineries need energy to run. However, when compared to the other options, recycled gold seems the best. The highlight is that the metals obtained from recycling and mining are not different. They are of the same purity.

Before you buy your next gold diamond ring or any gold accessory, consider buying fairmined and recycled gold.

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