The Pros And Cons Of The Lab-Created Diamonds

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Gia Certified Diamonds
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There is a common misunderstanding that the lab created diamonds are not real diamonds. But the truth is that they are original diamonds with all the features of a diamond which is mined from the earth. Also, they cannot be equated with the diamond substitutes like moissanite or CZ because these materials do not show the physical, chemical and optical properties of diamonds.

The diamonds are produced in the laboratory by two techniques namely – HPHT (high pressure, high temperature) and CVD (chemical vapor deposition). In the first method, graphite is exposed to high temperature and compressed in high pressure to form the diamonds. In the chemical vapor deposition method, there is a carbon plasma cloud from which different layers are formed on a base structure at low pressure.
An artificially made diamond and a natural diamond can be easily distinguished in a gemological laboratory. But a jeweler, even if he uses a 10x magnification loupe, will not be able to distinguish between the artificial and natural diamonds.

Pros Of The Lab-Grown Diamonds

The most important advantage of the lab-made diamonds is that they are usually cheaper than the naturally mined diamonds. The rate of the discount in its price depends on the size, quality and shape of the stone. This low price of the artificial diamonds is because of the high demand for the natural diamonds mined from the earth. People tend to love them more than the lab made diamond stones.

The other advantage of the lab grown diamonds is that they don’t pose much ethical problems like the other natural diamonds which usually come from the conflict zones.

Cons of the lab-grown diamonds

One of the main disadvantages of the lab-grown diamonds is that, the buyers of these diamonds won’t have much choice. The options available are very less. Mostly these diamonds will be colored because of the impurities that come in the manufacturing process. For the ones looking for a white laboratory made diamond, there will not be an ideal diamond usually available.

Another main disadvantage of the lab grown diamonds is that they cannot be distinguished from the natural ones outside of the gemological laboratory. For this reason, there are high chances for deception to happen with the natural and the artificial diamonds.

There is also no knowledge about the energy that is being used for the production of the diamonds inside the laboratory. This again can be considered as cons of the same.

Though there are certain disadvantages for the lab-created diamonds, they are still used by people, mainly by those who cannot afford the natural ones.

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