Tips to Upgrade or Trade in Your Diamond

GIA Certification
GIA Certification
GIA Certification

A lot of people now choose to upgrade or trade-in their diamonds for a variety of reasons. It can be for getting a larger diamond, changing the diamond cut or because of some damages. Whatever your reasons are, upgrading or trading in your diamond can be a tricky process that you have to do very carefully, otherwise, you may end up in getting something that is not worth the money you are spending. Therefore, we include some tips that will help you to take good care when you upgrade or trade-in your diamond.

How to Upgrade Your Diamond Ring?

Upgrading a diamond ring may seem like an easy process, however, if you are not aware of the underlying dangers in it, you may lose your money. A diamond that has a GIA certification or any other certification from a reputed laboratory will get good value and a better price. Therefore, when you buy diamonds, make sure to buy GIA diamonds, as it will help you to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth.

As mentioned earlier, people upgrade their diamonds or rings because of a variety of reasons. The following are some of the options available for you when you are planning to upgrade your diamonds or diamond rings:

Upgrading to a larger diamond: This is one of the common reasons why a lot of people choose to upgrade their diamonds. If you want to give a bigger appearance for your ring, you can go for a new stone which has more carat weight than your existing stone. However, when you buy a new bigger stone, do not forget to make sure that it has GIA certification.

Changing to a different diamond shape: Diamonds come in a variety of shapes including classic round brilliant and other fancy shapes like cushion, emerald, princess, pear, etc. Hence, if you feel that the shape of your diamond is not suitable for you, then you can upgrade to another shape as you like.

Adding extra diamond: If you want to add extra sparkle to your solitaire diamond ring, then you can upgrade to halo, pave or side stone settings. This will help you to make your ring more attractive and brilliant.

Changing the setting: If you got bored with the setting of your ring, you may replace it with a new setting. As there is a wide range of options available for you, you can select one based on your needs.

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