Verifying A GIA Diamond Certification

GIA Diamond Certification
GIA Diamond Certification
GIA Diamond Certification

GIA(Gemological Institute of America) is an independent diamond certifying authority that checks various quality determining features of the diamond and grades it accordingly. The diamond Origin Report issued by GIA uses scientific methods to confirm the origin of the diamond and help you distinguish natural diamonds from laboratory-developed diamonds.

GIA issues Color Diamond Certificates to all colors including red, yellow, green, and red. GIA certificates can be checked online to confirm the origin and quality of the diamond and ensure that it is ethically sourced.

The GIA offers two types of reports for colored diamonds. The full certificate is known as the Colored Diamond Grading Report and the half certificate is known as Colored Diamond Identification and Origin Report.

Grading Report For Colored Diamonds

The colored diamond grading report is recognized by the GIA as a full diamond certificate, with all relevant details included in it. The GIA issues the certificate for natural colored diamonds with weights equal to 0.15 carats or more. The data included in the certificate are:

  • Report number
  • Date of issuing
  • Measurements
  • Laser inscription registry
  • Color origin
  • Shape and cutting style
  • Color grade
  • Clarity guide
  • Color distribution
  • Finish
  • Polish
  • Fluorescence
  • Key to symbols, GIA colored diamond scale, GIA clarity scale.Security features and proportion diagram

Colored Diamond Identification And Origin Report

The second report offered by the GIA is the Colored Diamond Identification and Origin Report (Color only certificate). Although there is no dispute in its validity, it contains lesser information when compared to the grading report. The color only certificate is divided into the following sections:

  • General information
  • Additional grading information
  • Grading results
  • Reference diagrams
  • Scale references
  • Bar code, security features, disclaimer

The Importance Of Second Report

A full GIA certificate is preferable than a half certificate. However, it would be wise if you request a half certificate when the clarity level of the diamond is low because it will be far less expensive. The information given in the full certificate including clarity grades, details of cuts, fluorescence symmetry, and polish are all lacking in a half certificate. It simply gives information like the diamond’s origin, weight, measurements, cutting style, shape, and most importantly, the color grade.

To verify the authenticity of the grading report, you can use the ‘Report Check’ feature on the GIA website. You simply have to type in the GIA certification number to check whether the information in the GIA report database matches with the information in the GIA certificate.

Being cautious about the quality of GIA diamonds and the authenticity of its certificate helps you greatly in the diamond selection process.

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