What Are Chameleon Diamonds?

GIA Certified Diamonds
GIA Certified Diamonds
GIA Certified Diamonds

Not many know about the miraculous diamond which changes color when heated or kept in dark corners- the chameleon diamonds. They are beautiful natural diamonds that change color depending on the external environment they are kept in. If you are planning to buy a diamond soon, it is important that you know everything about these diamonds.

What Are Chameleon Diamonds?

The color of these diamonds change from grayish yellowish green to grayish greenish yellow under normal conditions. However, when they are heated to 150 degrees (302 Fahrenheit) or moved to a brighter place after being in the dark for a long time, their color changes abruptly from their normal color to an intense brown or orange yellow or yellow.

These stones display a color change for around 15 minutes when exposed under UV light for 60 seconds. Some of these even emit fluorescence for at least around 1 hour after the light is turned off.

Why Do Chameleon Diamonds Change Color?

The quality that makes them unique is mysterious. Scientists are still trying to find the cause of the change in the color of these stones. As they are very few in number and hard to procure, studying them is not that easy. Many believe the change of its color is due to chemical reactions happening inside it when exposed to light or heat.

How Are Chameleon Diamonds Formed?

We do not have a clear idea about how they are formed or how they change their color. The first ever chameleon diamond was reported to be spotted in 1866 in the hands of a Paris diamond merchant. These color changing diamonds were first called chameleon diamonds in 1943 when they changed color during a jewelry trade. A story of a man who lived in the late 1970s spread widely. He bought a light yellow diamond which changed to a dark green color after some time. The man took the stone back demanding a refund.

How Are Chameleon Diamonds Graded?

According to the GIA diamond grading, a chameleon diamond is tested for quality by checking its visible absorption spectrum. The procedure of the test includes passing light through the diamond which absorbs and transmits it. The transmitted part of the light is perceived by us as the color of the diamond.

You can buy beautiful GIA certified diamonds from nearby jewelry store or online.

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