What Do You Mean By A GIA Diamond?

While you are in the process of buying a diamond ring, you will often come across the term GIA diamond. The jeweler always tells you to buy GIA diamonds. What exactly is a GIA diamond? Most of you might have asked this question. GIA diamond is the short for the diamonds certified by the Gemological Institute of America. GIA is an independent diamond authority that certifies the diamonds according to its color, clarity, cut and carat weight. Continue reading this article to find more about GIA diamond grading and why people prefer GIA diamonds.

What Is GIA Diamond?

As we mentioned above, a GIA diamond is term used for the diamonds that have GIA certification. Gemological Institute of America is an independent, nonprofit organization that conducts research on gemstones, educates the professionals in gemstones and set the standards for determining the quality of the gemstones. The Gemological Institute of America created the 4Cs, the universal method of determining the quality of a diamond.

GIA also created the scientific procedures to evaluate each “C”, the color, clarity, cut and carat weight of the diamond. The organization is not involved in the mining, buying, selling or pricing of the diamond. Its main purpose is to grade the diamond according to the criteria. GIA is independent of commercial interests and it ensures that the grading of the diamond quality is completely unbiased. If you are about to buy a diamond ring, always look for the GIA certified diamonds and the grading reports that come with it.

Are Every Diamonds Certified By GIA?

All the diamonds in the market are not GIA certified diamonds. Because of the sheer quantity of GIA diamonds in the market, it may seem that way. Like GIA, there are other independent organizations that certify diamonds according to their quality. To make sure that the diamond you are about to buy is a GIA diamond, ask for the GIA grading report. The report contains the full assessment of 4Cs of the diamond and a unique number, which sometimes also inscribed on the girdle of the diamond.

What Does A GIA Certified Diamond Means?

The Gemological Institute of America does not certify diamonds; instead they grade the diamond according to their color, clarity, cut and carat weight. Therefore, the term “GIA certified diamond” is a misnomer. The term “GIA certified” is usually used by jewelers to refer diamonds that undergoes the grading process of GIA and the reports that accompany them. The document that is issued by GIA is not a certificate. It is a report that contains the assessment of diamond’s quality based on the 4Cs. This report does not certify the diamond but contains the results of the evaluation of the diamond according to the grading results.

How Does GIA Ensure Objectivity While Diamond Grading?

GIA follows certain procedures to ensure the anonymity and objectivity of the diamond during the grading process. Once the diamond arrives at the laboratory, it is placed in a transparent storage case and all the information about the owner is concealed. A bar-coded label will be assigned to track the diamond during the grading process. All these procedures ensure an objective and unbiased grading process. The diamond graders at GIA assess the 4Cs of the diamond. The experienced gemologist reviews the grading information and may provide independent opinions. Finally, the grade is issued when a sufficient consensus is reached.

Why Should I Get A Graded Diamond?

Buying a diamond engagement ring is very expensive and also one of the most important purchases in your life. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that the diamond you are about to purchase has a good value. The grading report issued for the diamond by GIA contains all the information about the 4Cs and other properties of the diamond. The GIA report will help you to make sure that the diamond is natural. The grading procedure of GIA is very sophisticated and gives you a flawless report. Buying a graded diamond is a smart step and also many insurance companies ask for the GIA grading report for insuring your diamond.

How To Get Your Diamond Graded By GIA?

It is important to note that GIA does not certify diamonds, but grades them. Everyone can submit their diamond to GIA for grading. You can submit the diamonds to any one of the nine laboratories of GIA that is located across the world. GIA only grades unmounted gemstones and the packing, shipping and insuring of the diamond is a complex process. So your best option for grading your diamond is to work with a local jeweler to submit the diamond on your behalf.

Are GIA Diamonds Expensive?

It is not true that GIA diamonds cost more than other diamonds. Like any products, the price of a diamond is determined according to its quality. To ensure that you are not paying any extra money for the diamond that you are about to buy, compare it with other diamonds that have same quality. And also make sure that the second diamond is also graded accurately by a similar laboratory like GIA.

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