How Diamond Color Is Graded?

GIA Certification
GIA Certification
GIA Certification

The “color” of a diamond is an important quality parameter that determines the value of a diamond. Like other quality attributes including the clarity, cut, and carat, a specific grade will be assigned to the color of a diamond by gemological labs like the GIA. Therefore, when getting diamonds, it is important to check the GIA certification to determine the color grade assigned to your diamond.

The color grade is in fact used to measure how colorless your stone is. When diamonds form under the earth, certain other elements can get trapped inside the crystal’s lattice. This might add some color to these stones. Most diamonds usually come with a slight yellow or brown tint. In some cases, the color might not be visible, however, the color can be intense in some other stones thereby giving them a yellow or brown appearance.

Colorless diamonds without any visible tints have the most value and they will be costly. Gemological experts analyze diamonds using powerful lenses to determine the presence of visible tints and other imperfections like inclusions and blemishes.

The Color Grade Of A Diamond

Based on the GIA grading system, the color of a diamond will be given a value between D-Z. Colorless diamonds with no visible tints have the most value and price.

The following are some of the important color distinctions in diamonds that you should know:

Colorless (D-F)

Diamonds with the highest value fall within this range. There is hardly any tint visible in these stones even when viewed using a microscope. These diamonds are extremely rare, hence, they are very valuable. Diamonds that come with the color grades D, E, and F exhibit the highest brilliance and sparkle.

Near Colorless (G-J)

Diamonds with color grades between G and J are colorless when viewed with the naked eye. Their color is only noticeable when compared with diamonds of higher color grades.

Faint Yellow (K-M)

These diamonds have a slight yellow tint that is noticeable to the naked eye. However, they can emit stunning brilliance even with the slight tint present in them.

When the grade progresses from M to Z, the visibility of color increases.

Fancy-Colored Diamonds

Fancy-colored diamonds have an intense color. They come in different colors including red, blue, orange, yellow, brown, black, etc. The value of these stones increases based on the intensity of their color.

Some diamond colors are extremely rare when compared to others. Hence, they have better value and a higher price.

The color grades of your diamond can be determined with the aid of GIA grading. Therefore, make sure to ask for grading reports when getting diamonds.

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