How To Build An ecommerce Website From Scratch?

Expert surveys suggest that the growth of online business is many times faster than offline businesses due to the expansion of digitalization all across the world. Being convinced about the power of online platforms in business, even well established online businesses have kick-started the operations to set up a unique online business platform.

To build an ecommerce website from scratch follow these steps.

Decide The Product You Are Going To Sell  

ecommerce sites differ in terms of the products they sell. Some websites are dedicated to selling a specific line of services or products like fashion items, garments, travel plans etc while some ecommerce sites resemble a departmental store, as they sell multiple items like household appliances, electronic gadgets, fashion items etc.

When you have decided to start an ecommerce store, the primary step is deciding the items that you want to sell through your website.

Select Your Business Model

If you own an ecommerce business, you have different business plans to choose from. You can either sell your products through your own online store or sell your products through established ecommerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon etc.

Choose A Domain And Business Name

After you decide the items that you are going to sell online, the next step is selecting a name for your business and creating a domain for it. The name that you choose for your business should be relevant to the products you sell and the target audience should find it easy to remember.

A domain gives you an identity in the online platforms and help online buyers recognize you easily.

Create An ecommerce Website

You may create the ecommerce website in the conventional way or use specialized software that helps you build websites within a few seconds.

Design Your ecommerce Store

Your ecommerce site has to be designed in a way that users find it convenient by including relevant details about products and services put for sale. You have to include images, prices, user’s comments, descriptions etc in your web page to guide the buyers.

Set Up Payment Gateway

As the business is online, an ecommerce website should offer multiple payment options to the customers enabling them to pay using credit card, online wallets, debit card, net banking etc.

Install SSL Certificate To Secure Your Website

For websites to transfer data online, the connection should be secured by a Secured security Layer (SSL) that helps build trust among the customers.

Choose A Suitable Shipping Partner

Choose the best shipping partner to ship the products to the customers after receiving the orders from them.

After you are done with setting up your ecommerce store, you have to begin focusing on its marketing activities. Get the help of the best ecommerce marketing company to handle the digital marketing activities of your website.

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