Steps to Purchase Diamonds with Decent Light Performance

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People usually consider many important factors such as clarity, cut, design, color, GIA grading, diamond setting, etc while choosing a diamond. Actually, the most significant thing that you must never overlook while choosing a gemstone is its light performance. Some consumers will not be familiar with this term. Note that the light performance of a diamond can be defined as its ability to interact with the light. Further, the facet proportions and organization or the cut quality of the diamond is the main factor that affects its light performance.

Ideally, the light entering a diamond tend to either reflect back or leak out. The reflected light will create an excellent brilliance whereas the light that leaks out remains unseen making the gemstone look dull. Of course, diamonds with excellent light performance tend to sparkle very much, making it a vital factor that can outshine all the other aspects. After all, diamonds are admired for their inimitable sparkle. If you are wondering about how to purchase a diamond based on its light performance, you may follow the steps given below.

  • First, you must understand the important characteristics of light performance that include brilliance, fire, and scintillation. For this, it is better to rely on a credible gemologist or a jeweler.
  • Set a budget, keeping all the present as well as the future expenses in mind. Make sure that buying a good quality diamond will neither make you indebted nor will affect your present lifestyle. Then, search for diamonds that boast excellent clarity grade, color, carat weight, etc., within the set price range.
  • Next, do a good legwork in order to find a credible diamond dealer or a diamond store. Initially, the diamond jewelers tend to provide only the basic information about the gemstones to their customers, such as the 4C’s and the significance of GIA certification or any other credible third party’s certification. Currently, many diamond stores tend to provide information about the light performance of the diamonds as well, like what it is, how it will affect the appeal of gemstones, how to enhance the light performance, etc.
  • Assess different diamonds by means of visual scopes through which you can easily examine the cut quality of diamonds. Reflector-based visual scopes will be a great and convenient tool for the customers to spot diamonds with excellent cut quality. Radiant and oval cut diamond offer good light performance.
  • Make sure that the diamond you choose comes with a light performance assessment report. Further, ensure that the diamond is verified by a third party, since the in-house professional may document a biased report.
  • Finally, look at your shortlisted diamonds under various lighting conditions and simply choose the one that flaunts the best brilliance and fire.

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