The Significance Of Buying Certified Diamonds

GIA Certification
GIA Certification
GIA Certification

If you are planning to buy diamond jewelry, the most important question you need to ask yourself is that ‘Should I buy a certified diamond or non-certified diamond?’ If you ask an expert, they will only advise you to buy diamonds that are certified by reputed laboratories, like GIA, AGS, etc. They will tell you not to buy an uncertified diamond because it will be hard for you to resell those diamonds.

This article sheds light on the significance of purchasing diamonds that are certified.

What Does Diamond Certification Mean?

The textbook definition of certification is to confirm a standard is met. In the case of diamonds, the certification means the diamond is verified as 100 % enhanced or the quality of the diamonds, including the cut, clarity, and color meet a specific standard. An experienced gemologist will also say that the diamond certification tells you about the quality of the diamond.

What Does The Diamond Certification Tell You?

Almost all the diamond jewelry that you buy from the United States has GIA certification. If the diamonds do not have certification, do not buy them. The diamond certificate is just a piece of paper but that doesn’t mean it has no value. A GIA certificate will tell you about the diamond’s shape and dimensions, the color and clarity grades, carat weight, cut grade, the standard of finish, etc.

You are also buying the diamond certificate along with the diamond. You need to keep the certificate with you as long as you have the diamond. Make sure to keep it in a safe place because the certificate is important for appraisals, insurance, and even when you sell the diamond.

The main reason for the existence of a diamond certificate is to protect the buyer. When you want to buy a diamond, you do not have to simply trust the word of the diamond seller. You will have a diamond certificate that will confirm the quality of the diamond you are buying.

Make Sure That The Certificate Is From An Independent Laboratory

You should note that some diamond certificates are issued by the sellers themselves. We cannot trust those diamond certificates. You need to make sure that the diamond certificate is issued by reputed independent gemological laboratories. Most of the experts advise people to buy GIA diamonds because GIA is one of the most reputed independent gemological laboratories in the world. You should note that diamond certification costs money and that will reflect on the price of the diamond.

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