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GIA Finds Counterfeit Inscriptions On Diamond Girdles

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A GIA diamond grading laboratory recently discovered numerous stones with bogus inscriptions on the girdles. For your information, the girdle runs around a diamond’s edge, between its facets on the lower pavilion and upper crown. It separates the upper section of the gemstone from its lower area. The faceted, bruited (matt) or polished girdle contains

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Diamond Certification Labs Other Than GIA

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Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the most famous among labs that certify diamonds. GIA certification is recognized worldwide and people from all over the world send diamonds to GIA for certification. A GIA diamond grading shows that the diamond was examined by unbiased gemologists who verified all its qualities accurately. When buying diamonds most

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Guide to Various uses of Diamonds

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Diamond being the strongest metal on the planet, is not just used as a jewelry piece. It is also used for several industrial and operational purposes. Industrial grade diamonds are used in more specialized applications like grinding wheels, saw blades etc. Diamonds are used in high-performance, low-friction bearings in very small mechanical devices for their